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How I Got Fooled

Until just recently, I enjoyed soft water from Boncor Water Systems in my home. My skin and hair was silky soft, my faucets shone like mirrors, and my dishes came out sparkling. Then, another water treatment company came along and convinced me to switch to a water conditioner. He said it was better for the environment and that it would be less hassle. What he didn't tell me was that I would no longer enjoy the benefits of soft water.

To make things worse, there are now scientifically proven facts to support what I knew all along. A recent independent laboratory study by Battelle Memorial Institute has put cold, hard facts to those benefits I loved.

Battelle researched the effect of water hardness on the performance of faucets, showerheads, laundry washers, and water heaters. The results? Overwhelmingly, soft water produced better function, efficiency, extended life, and appearance. There were no calcium-clogged pipes. The appliances used significantly less energy to operate. The appliances, plumbing, and fixtures lasted longer and needed fewer repairs. There were no water spots to be scrubbed away with harsh chemicals. To give you scientific evidence, the water heaters using soft water had operating costs 47% less than those water heaters used with hard water, and even the most energy-efficient water heater on the market was 10% more efficient when used with softened water. Another segment of the study compared showerheads. Those being used with hard water lost 75% of the flow rate in less than 18 months - and in some cases only had six tiny holes left open to spray water, while showerheads used with soft water maintained a brilliant luster, full flow, and good-as-new performance. Water softeners also were shown to reduce a home's carbon footprint by over 14% - just on water heating.

Of course, there was the factor of wanting to be eco-friendly and not deal with the salt, but then I learned that Boncor offers Portable Exchange Tank Water Softener Service and salt delivery service. Boncor does all the work, there is no salt discharge into the environment, and I just sit back and enjoy the many benefits of softened water. Needless to say, I'm back with Boncor and soft water.

To read the entire Battelle study, click here.

Boncor Water - The Environmentally Friendly Drinking Water

There's been quite a buzz in the media lately about the millions of bottled water plastic bottles going into landfills from the sales of bottled water. Bottled water is a $15 billion industry – you can imagine the amount of plastic bottles our earth is trying to digest.

Another concern to us (although not as well known) is the amount of water that is wasted with a Reverse Osmosis (RO) System.

At Boncor Drinking Water, we have an environmentally friendly alternative for great tasting drinking water in homes and businesses. The Boncor LINX® 140 Home Drinking Water System provides water that is healthier and great-tasting to drink – all while saving thousands of gallons of water each year compared to traditional RO technologies and there is no need to purchase plastic water bottles.

For about $1 per day you can enjoy great tasting water in your home or business with a Boncor LINX® 140 Home Drinking Water System and not contribute to "Mother Earth’s Heartburn".

Boncor Drinking Water service is available in:

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