Deionization (DI) Water Services

Deionized Water from Boncor

Since 1955, Boncor has been helping businesses large and small, providing water solutions in a wide range of industries and applications. We are now offering our customers with even more innovative and cost effective solutions - Deionized (DI) Water services providing ultra-pure water treatment solutions.

DI Water produces large quantities of the highest quality, ultra-pure water using a process that is economical, efficient, and continuous. Boncor’s DI service tanks are all quality tested by an experienced Boncor service technician before they are delivered to your facility. They provide a reliable source of ultra-pure, DI water, yet require no chemicals or maintenance.

Boncor has many DI configurations and product selections that can be tailored to provide high quality, deionized water systems and services for many different applications. We know that every application is unique and we take pride in delivering custom solutions and systems that specifically address your needs and your situation.

Boncor's DI water experts can answer any questions or concerns that you may have and we can custom design your system to meet your water quality and flow requirements needs. Our goal is to provide your business with an uninterrupted flow of ultra-pure water that improves your production and ensures that your facility runs smoothly and without interruption. You can focus on your core business while Boncor takes care of your ultra-pure, DI water needs.

Below is a list of industries utilizing DI Water:

Scientist Drugs Power Line