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Commercial Drinking Water Systems

Commercial Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Systems

Reverse Osmosis or RO is the method of treatment favored by the biggest bottled water companies. A high quality Reverse Osmosis system will consistently produce water that is as good as or better than bottled water and is more economical. Businesses can save money and eliminate the hassle of storing and changing bottles. For a convenient source of clean, great tasting water at a reasonable cost a Boncor RO system is tough to beat.

If you are concerned about the quality of the drinking water at your business, an RO system from Boncor could be just what you have been looking for. Systems are available to rent or buy. The Boncor RO rental program includes all required filter changes and maintenance at a low monthly rate.

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Commercial Reverse Osmosis (up to 10,000 gallons per day)

At Boncor we offer a full line of commercial grade line pressure or pump assisted RO systems to meet any clean water requirement. Commercial Reverse Osmosis Systems are available up to 10,000 gallons per day and custom configuration, installation and support are standard. Water stores, beverage bottling, spot free make-up water, car wash and window washing are just a few applications that work well with RO treatment.

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Boncor Water Cooler

Commercial Point Of Use Cabinets and Water Coolers

Boncor drinking water coolers can be installed with taste and sediment filtration or a Reverse Osmosis system. A Boncor drinking water cooler system will eliminate bottles in closets and hallways. In fact, the hassles of having heavy bottles delivered (putting them out for pick-up, lifting them on to the cooler, storage etc), is eliminated entirely. The drinking water experts at Boncor can design a system for your office or home that will do all of this and save money at the same time.

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Commercial Beverage and Ice Filter Service

The Beverage and Ice line of filtration products are engineered for the food service industry and represent the best in terms of quality and serviceability. At Boncor we can put your restaurant or home on a regular service schedule and eliminate the hassle of finding and changing your own filters. The Beverage and Ice line of filter products are ideal for coffee and tea, ice makers or anywhere where basic taste, odor and sediment filtration are desired.

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