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Home and Office Bottleless Water Coolers

Boncor drinking water coolers can be installed with LINX® Technology, Taste and Sediment Filtration, or a Reverse Osmosis System.

A Boncor drinking water cooler system will eliminate bottles in closets and hallways. In fact, the hassles of having heavy bottles delivered (putting them out for pick-up, lifting them on to the cooler, storage etc), is eliminated entirely.

The drinking water experts at Boncor can design a system for your office or home that will do all of this and save money at the same time.

Boncor Bottleless Water Cooler with LINX® Technology

Rayne Evolution Water Cooler


  • Great Tasting Water: Our LINX® Technology feature lets you choose the water you prefer – from almost “0” minerals (distilled/RO) to a “spring water” taste.
  • Eco-Friendly: A bottleless water cooler with LINX® Technology is the ONLY true green solution. Using a bottled water cooler has a massive carbon footprint and RO systems waste an incredible amount of water.
  • Saves Water: Boncor Water Coolers with LINX® Technology waste virtually zero water when compared to an RO system which can waste up to 4-10 gallons of water for every gallon produced.
  • Saves You Money: The cost of the water you waste can be as much as or even more expensive than the water you actually use. Using any other type of water cooler is literally pouring money down the drain.
  • Accurate Billing & Professional Service: We pride ourselves on accurate, customer-friendly billing and service.
  • As Easy As It Gets: Imagine...No bottles being delivered. Nothing to lift or store. No disruptions at the office and no dribbles on the kitchen floor.
  • System Integrity: Our bottleless drinking water systems are commercial-grade. Not only are they durable but they have a bumper-to-bumper warranty for as long as you rent the unit.
  • Rent, Rent-To-Own or Buy: You make the rules. Boncor is super flexible on how you want to manage your bottleless water cooler – Rent, Rent-To-Own, or Buy.

Boncor Home or Office Water Cooler

Rayne Artesian Water Cooler


  • Hot or cold drinking water at the touch of a button
  • Bottleless coolers eliminate heavy bottles that must be lifted, stored, and delivered
  • 25% to 50% savings over bottled water
  • Affordable monthly cost
  • Help save our environment - reduce plastic bottles in our landfills